The scientific work is taken over by five working groups and one subgroup. 

WG 1: Etiology and susceptibility
WG 2:
 Development of common European standards
WG 3:
 European intervention studies
WG 4:
 Surveillance, risk assessment and allergens
WG 5: Knowledge dissemination 

Subgroup (of WG 3): UV-induced skin cancer 

Meanwhile, 8 on-going joint projects have resulted from StanDerm´s network: 

  •  "Inflammatory mediators in the stratum corneum as biomarkers of irritant and allergic contact dermatitis"
  • "Corneocyte morphology as a biomarker of skin barrier deficits" 
  • "Skin Barrier Morphological biomarkers" 
  •  "Skin barrier function after cumulative exposure to occupational irritants" "The influence of environmental risk factors on skin barrier" 
  • "The corneocyte morphology in different strains of mice" 
  • "Development of the method for the collection of dermal interstitial fluid" "Nickel exposure in nickel allergic patients" 
  • "Extended documentation of irritant exposures and improved final evaluation of patients with occupational hand dermatitis"